Erchonia Cold Laser:

Erchonia cold lasers are the only truly cold laser available for medical treatment of wounds, fractures, pain and inflammation for many disease processes from the acute to the chronic, helps with slowing growth of inoperable tumors, stomatitis/gingivitis, chronic allergic skin and ears and the Erchonia cold laser can be used in many other situations and disease processes. The Erchonia wavelength is truly cold and works to stimulate the mitochondria throughout the body to produce more ATP, which is the body’s energy that allows it to perform all necessary functions for life and healing. LWVH is one of the only Veterinary Hospitals in NC to have the Erchonia Cold Laser.

​​​Laboratory Services 

LWVH provides an in-house laboratory that allows us to provide immediate results for critical patients. We are also able to perform pre-anesthetic blood work the morning of a surgical procedure for your convenience. In addition, we utilize the full-service Idexx Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Our samples are picked up twice daily so we can have many of our results the same day or the following day.

Surgery and Anesthesia

We perform many types of anesthetic and surgical procedures at LWVH. We tailor our anesthetic protocol to every patient providing a safe environment for your pet. We provide the newest in gas anesthetics: Sevoflourane.  As no anesthetic procedure is without risk, (see, pre-anesthetic blood work and pre-anesthetic EKG) we use advanced monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of your pet for the duration of each procedure.

We utilize EKG, SPO2 and blood pressure monitoring during most anesthetic procedures. Patients are kept on a passive heat source during surgical procedures; due to, body temperatures dropping during anesthesia.  Patients are monitored during and following all surgical procedures by technicians and doctors.

Our surgery suite is immaculate. It is sanitized after every procedure. We provide sterile surgical packs for every procedure and wear sterile attire. All technicians monitoring your pet during surgery are required to wear a surgical cap and mask to maintain sterility during every procedure. To reduce bleeding during surgery and therefore speed healing after surgery, we have Ellman equipment that allows for cutting and cautery, without the collateral damage seen with hot laser use.  All patients in post-op recovery have courtesyErchonia cold lasering performed to help speed healing by decreasing pain and inflammation at the surgical site and the Erchonia cold laser also helps the tissue to come back to normal in a matter of days.


The same care and monitoring is used for dental procedures, as this is also an anesthetic procedure. LWVH is well equipped with a high-speed dental unit allowing us to do tooth extractions. We perform polishing and flouride treatments to protect the enamel of your pet's teeth for a bright happy smile.

Treatment Area
The treatment area is the heart of our hospital, acts as the main working area . Our quietest ward is our ICU and allows for close monitoring of our sick patients. Here patients are continually monitored, treated and observed. This area provides a staging ground for numerous minor procedures, venipuncture, and in-hospital exams.

Digital Radiography has been on site since December of 2011 and we are very excited about the crisp clear images provided.  We can have x-rays (properly termed radiographs) performed on the premises and have results immediately. We also consult with the Vetrerinarians from VSRP and Dr. Cynthia Godshalk, who is a board certified radiologist, when we need a specialist's interpretation. Ultrasound procedures are provided by Cynthia Godshalk, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVR and her very caring wonderful team. 

LWVH provides bathing/grooming services to include professional shampoos and conditioners. Our grooming services include nail trims, ear cleaning and anal gland expression.​


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