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Many of us consider our pets valued family members these days. We look to travel with them, including at busy holiday times. There are many hotels that welcome our well behaved pets; as well as, great vacation get away spots, that allow pets to accompany their traveling owners.

Travel agencies can be of great help in finding the perfect vacation spot for you and your family including your pets. There is a great book, “Pets Welcome” that lists locations across the country that welcome our pets.

Please keep in mind some very important points when traveling with pets no matter what season:
Always make sure your dog has a sturdy collar with a current tag listing your name, address, and phone number, also it is a good idea to have a collar and id tag on cats that are traveling with you.

Have your pets microchipped for an extra level of safety.

Have your pets travel in a kennel while in your car, if possible. It is safer for you AND your pet. It also minimizes the risk of them exiting the vehicle before you are ready.

Fill water bottles with your own tap water and freeze them. Not only will they keep your cooler colder, you can then tie one to the side of your pet's crate - upside down, and allow it to drip into his bowl for a consistent supply of cold water. This also helps to further reduce your pet from drinking water that may not agree with it’s tummy.

When stopping at a rest area - BE AWARE. Look for any people acting strangely and do not get out if ANYTHING feels "funny". Watch for other pet owners letting their dogs' off leash - as they can be aggressive. Do not encourage any interaction, other pet owners may not be as careful about their pet’s vaccinations.

Pay close attention to make sure your dog does not eat anything on the ground.

When at a picnic or other family gathering, do not allow your pets to be fed "scraps". Keep a close eye on them and do not assume that everyone will know what is good or bad for your pet - fatty meats, chicken bones, and a host of other cookout items can be deadly to your pet - either by damaging their bowels or causing pancreatitis. Bring dog treats from home and your frozen water.
Take your pet’s food with you to make sure it is eating it’s normal diet.

And – I am still amazed that some people don't know this - NEVER leave your pet in a car during warm weather- it is a DEADLY mistake!

Take your pet’s bowls with you when traveling to make sure your pet has food and water dishes that are familiar, as some pets are particular.

Putting a temporary id tag with the vacation information can be of help.

For motion sickness while traveling there is a new drug called Cerenia, that you can speak with your veterinarian about.
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